Why Buy from Fardellas

Why buy Fardella's Gourmet Deli?

Our Great Grandfather Fardella had a saying, "I put my most prized possession, my name, on each deli product I make because I am proud of my work. I want all my customers to know that I made this food for them to eat and that I would be proud to serve each of my deli meats to my own family!"

It is tough to improve on a sentiment like that, so we have made it our philosophy as well. At Fardella's, we make all of our gourmet deli products as if we were serving them at our home to our friends and family; stamping each product with the Fardella name so our customers know it was made with love, passion and the desire to be the best!

Great quality and great value is our mission, your enjoyment of our efforts, our reward.